The future of business is here. The fusion of human and AI capabilities will revolutionize how customers and organizations interact: The traditional customer lifecycle will disappear into perpetual relationships and boundless experiences that move at the speed of pure digital. In this world, empathy, trust, and emotion will be as essential as technology. Only leaders who can integrate customer experience (CX), digital, and marketing to harness the power of humans + AI will create differentiated value in the eyes of customers.

Think that’s science fiction? Consider this: Already, 91% of companies are using or exploring customer-facing generative AI. Among US consumers, 63% have used generative AI to find answers, and 49% have used it to get advice or recommendations. Yet 49% of US consumers also think that generative AI poses a serious threat to society.

Join us at CX Summit North America 2024 to learn how to win in this future of boundless experiences by harnessing the power of both humans and AI. The event — happening in Nashville, Tennessee, and as a digital experience on June 17–20 — will feature:

  • Over 50 keynote and track sessions that help you navigate the new human + AI reality. The mainstage will feature inspirational, informative keynotes from Forrester analysts and industry leaders, including Forge Boundless Experiences With Humans + AI, Introducing Your Future AI Consumer, and Align To Win: CX, Digital, And Marketing. You’ll also choose from seven tracks, with themes ranging from Deliver Experiences At Digital Speed to Human-Centered, AI-Ready Leadership. These sessions will feature case studies and practical advice that you can implement right away.
  • Industry- and interest-based sessions to connect you with experts and peers. Our Summit starts with industry-focused deep dives into our latest Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) findings, the Forrester Women’s Leadership Program, and unique workshops. Throughout the Summit, we’ll have industry-based meetups and other opportunities for you to connect with peers with similar interests and challenges. We’ll also offer a certification course to boost your professional development.
  • Analyst one-on-ones to address your specific challenges. Dozens of Forrester analysts will be onsite to meet with you and your teams. One-on-ones are a great way to get personalized advice or discuss our most relevant research findings. Every year, our analysts conduct hundreds of one-on-ones.
  • Marketplace opportunities to learn about new solutions. Take advantage of the chance to meet with innovative solutions providers that can help you achieve your goals. All providers will be available in the marketplace, and many will also offer case studies and spotlight sessions.

For me, CX Summit North America is the most energizing time of year. It’s a privilege to be your host for the event and help bring together business leaders and top Forrester experts for four days of customer-focused inspiration and education. Hope to see you in Nashville!