Government organizations that want to improve the services, benefits, products, and experiences that they provide to customers must focus relentlessly on customers’ needs. This means putting customers at the center of strategy, leadership behaviors, and everyday operations — an approach that Forrester calls customer obsession.

Most government organizations want to be more customer obsessed. But how customer obsessed are they currently? And what are the quantifiable benefits of improving? Nobody knows! But at Forrester, we’re figuring it out.

That’s why we’re fielding a new survey on the state of customer obsession in government.

The survey is anonymous. However, public sector employees who take it can choose to provide their email address and receive a free copy of our report on the state of customer obsession in government when we publish it. We won’t use your email address for anything other than sending you the report.

So, if you’re a public sector employee — anywhere in the world, at any level of government — please take our survey on the state of customer obsession in government.

Even if you choose not to receive a copy of the report, you’ll help us determine best practices for boosting customer obsession in government. And that will help you — and your peers everywhere — improve how you serve your customers.