Death. Taxes. The customer lifecycle.

Until now, business leaders could count on the inevitability of all three. But no longer.

Today’s consumers thrive on novelty, embrace emerging technologies, and expect more from brands. And during the pandemic, businesses proved that they can innovate fast enough to keep up. As both consumers and businesses race forward, interactions between them will become faster and more automated. Customer experiences will become immediate.

As a result, the old reliable distinctions among customer lifecycle phases will evaporate. The once inevitable customer lifecycle itself will disappear.

Brands that embrace this will be able to serve and retain customers more quickly, reliably, and inexpensively than ever. Brands that cling to outdated linear notions of the customer lifecycle, however, will lose customers more quickly than ever. And once these customers are gone, the immediacy of the experiences that they create with their new brands will preclude their return to old ones.

What will interactions with consumers be like after the customer lifecycle disappears? What should CX, marketing, and digital leaders do to prepare?

Join me at Forrester’s CX APAC Forum, May 25–26 in Sydney, Australia, to find out! In addition to my keynote on the disappearing customer lifecycle, you’ll hear from Forrester experts and industry leaders on topics such as customer analytics, ethical marketing, employee experience, and more. See you in Sydney!