Video has incredible power for B2B marketing and sales to deliver lots of information in a small, engaging package. Join me and my colleague Cheri Keith at TechX for our session, “Switched On: Four Must-Have Video Technologies,” to find out how to supercharge your campaigns.

The session will:

  • Help you understand the various technologies and platforms that enable video communication, including video sales pitches, personalized video, virtual events, and webcasts.
  • Teach you how to avoid common pitfalls when rolling out a video strategy and how to measure the effectiveness of video initiatives.
  • Show client examples of common use cases and the metrics they used to measure their success.

TechX is in Aurora, Colorado (outside Denver) on December 10 and 11 with a range of speakers who will address topics for B2B sales, marketing, and product leaders in three tracks: data and analytics; orchestration and delivery; and supercharging the revenue engine tech stack.

Register today, and we’ll see you in Denver!

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