Forrester has just released the results from its annual Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) rankings. Unfortunately, Canadian consumer perceptions of CX quality have dropped for an unprecedented third year in a row and are now at their lowest point since the inception of the CX Index. What’s more, performance dropped in all three dimensions of Forrester’s CX Index score — effectiveness, ease, and emotion — that measure CX quality.


Here are a few additional details on how brands performed:

  • Declines at the brand level were broader and steeper than ever. An unprecedented 59% of brands significantly declined, which more than doubles the previous record of 27% that was set in 2017. The result is another year of declines in the proportion of companies with CX Index scores in the good category and an increase in the proportion of those with scores in the OK and poor categories.
  • Industry-level declines were also broader and steeper than ever. Eight industry averages declined, beating the previous record of six set in 2023. Only one industry this year improved: luxury auto manufacturers.
  • Effectiveness and ease hit new lows, while emotional quality languished. In 2024, the average effectiveness of experiences fell by 6 percentage points (to 56%) and the average ease fell by 5 percentage points (to 60%). Brands also struggled to connect emotionally.
  • A new crop of elites took the lead. Elite brands are those that score in the top 5% across industries. In 2024, five of the six elites are new. Only PetSmart maintained its elite status from 2023 — the other brands had statistically significant losses that dropped them below the elite threshold.

For a detailed analysis of each brand’s ranking and for insights into key drivers of the CX Index scores and rankings, read the full report, The Canada Customer Experience Index Rankings, 2024, or schedule a call with us.

If you are a Forrester Decisions client and want more details, please contact your account team. If your brand is included in our study, we can provide a detailed readout. If your brand is not included, we can still offer valuable insights that will help you improve your CX.