Threat Detection



Announcing Forrester’s New Research On Attack Surface Management

Jess Burn January 12, 2022
As I watched the December 2021 Log4j situation unfold (and it continues … ), the importance of IT asset visibility couldn’t have been clearer. So many security and IT teams struggle to maintain much-needed visibility into an increasingly complex and distributed IT environment because so much of an organization’s estate is unknown or undiscovered due […]

Divide And Conquer: Rapid Response To The Apache Log4j Vulnerability

Allie Mellen December 13, 2021
It’s been … a weekend for security pros. The Apache Log4j vulnerability (CVE-2021-44228) affects somewhere between 0 and 3 billion-plus of the devices currently running Java. Luckily, a metric ton of amazing advice exists on #InfoSecTwitter right now. It’s a lot to consume at once, which is why we‘ve put together three parallel workstreams you […]

Stop Dumping Your Budget Dollars Down The Drain For Network Visibility

Steve Turner October 20, 2021
As I’ve talked to numerous organizations about their Zero Trust journeys, one thing has stood out quite clearly: Security teams are struggling to understand what’s happening on their networks. While Zero Trust demands that you design your security architecture to protect everything in your organization as if it’s connected directly to the internet, the reality […]