As digital threats grow more sophisticated and European and international regulatory landscapes more intricate, the role of cybersecurity consulting services is critical. Hence, I’m excited to announce The Forrester Wave™: Cybersecurity Consulting Services In Europe, Q1 2024 (available for Forrester clients). In this report, my colleagues and I scrutinize the offerings of major players in European cybersecurity consulting, evaluating them against 32 criteria. Here’s what we found:

  • Innovation lags client expectations. In a landscape marked by hybrid work models, stringent regulatory demands (think NIS2 and DORA), skill shortages, and tight budgetary constraints, the call for revolutionary consulting services grows louder. But European cybersecurity consulting offerings haven’t changed much since our last Forrester Wave™ evaluation in 2021. We didn’t see any groundbreaking disruptions in this evaluation; instead, advancements mainly occurred via acquisitions and shifts in delivery strategies to account for more hybrid models. The future belongs to consulting firms that offer a clear, forward-thinking roadmap that transcends traditional maturity assessments and PowerPoint platitudes.
  • New collaboration methods pave the path to the customer’s heart. Our evaluation reveals the transformative power of collaboration. Today’s leaders are those who forge cocreative ventures (including with competitors!) to harness collective strengths for the greater good of their clients and beyond. This collaborative ecosystem approach is not merely a strategy for differentiation; it’s a catalyst for fostering client loyalty.
  • CISOs demand both organizational fit and technical skills. At the heart of any consulting service lies its talent. CISOs want consultants who don’t just fit the technical bill but align with the organizational culture. To meet those expectations, consulting providers must strike the perfect balance between hard and soft skills, ensure minimal resource turnover, and actively engage in talent development and retention strategies. Consulting firms that excel in these areas are not just service providers; they become integral partners in their clients’ security posture.

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