We have only about five weeks until our Data Strategy & Insights live virtual event on October 14-15, and I’m excited to share a glimpse of what’s on our program across our six keynotes and three main tracks. Our theme this year is “Insight To Impact,” and as a data and analytics leader, it’s your time to shine.

Over the course of two days, our keynotes will let you peer into a crystal ball of what the future of data and AI might look like, which, in turn, will help you reimagine and plan for the future of work and AI-led augmentation. We will also show you how to prioritize your insights efforts — especially at a time when what you thought you knew about your business and customers was put to the ultimate test this year — all while continuing to shore up on data literacy across your organization. ​A panel discussion with industry data and analytics leaders will demonstrate how organizations are pivoting or staying on course with their data and analytics efforts and will give you pointers on your own planning efforts.

We also have 18 deep dive sessions across three main tracks:

Drive Your Digital Business With Data

Data has been referred to as oil, gold, and various other precious commodities. We’ve also referred to data as “exhaust,” as if it were some residual matter. In reality, especially in today’s environment, data drives the digital business. In this track comprising of six sessions, we will cover how to build a sound data strategy, highlight top trends in data management, uncover the power of data sharing, introduce DataOps as a path to data value, unlock location data, and plan for a world of data at the edge.

​Amplify Intelligence With AI And Analytics​

Realizing the potential of AI and analytics requires new skills and roles, a new operational mindset to take models from theory to reality to scale AI in a responsible and ethical manner. The six sessions in this track will cover how to use AI and analytics to amplify the intelligence of supply chain processes, imagine the future of autonomous finance, and think through the last mile of machine learning through ModelOps.

Deepen Customer Relationships With Smarter Insights​

A core tenet of customer obsession is customer understanding and deep customer insight to power better customer experiences. In this track, we will help you rethink customer value, understand the power of combining customer research and analytics, learn to navigate a world of data deprecation and privacy awareness, and leverage new sources of unstructured text- and speech-based customer data. And you can’t achieve all these outcomes without investing in an employee experience that puts customers first.

 Dive into our detailed agenda and register here — we have a packed program planned for you!