The digital future is here. And data, analytics, and AI are going to drive this future. These capabilities are becoming more crucial to stay ahead of uncertainty and change and get smarter about every aspect of your business: your customers, your suppliers and partners, your competitors, your employees, your processes, your operations, and your markets.

It Pays To Be Insights-Driven

Companies that have been making slow progress toward becoming insights-driven businesses now have to act faster than ever before — and they can expect tangible results. Our research shows that it pays to be an insights-driven business — firms that have advanced insights-driven business capabilities are 2.8x more likely to report double-digit year-over-year growth than firms that are still at the beginner stage.

Create Impact And Influence

As a data and analytics leader, your company needs you more than ever to drive this type of business impact. The good news is that more than 60% of global data and analytics decision makers plan to increase their data management and analytics budgets from 2020 to 2021, which creates a real opportunity to apply these capabilities at a time when your company needs them the most.

This is the theme of our upcoming live virtual Data Strategy & Insights North America event on October 14–15, 2020. We’re done talking about why data and insights matter to your business. You get that. But it’s time to talk about how all this insight will translate to impact and how you can help make that happen.

Our program will feature more than 20 Forrester analysts and industry speakers presenting six keynote sessions and 18 breakout sessions across three tracks, plus a data storytelling workshop, industry-/role-focused content, an opportunity to network with 500 other data and analytics leaders, and sponsor case studies. Our keynotes will help you navigate the present environment and see what’s coming in the future. Our more focused tracks and sessions will dive into the people, process, technology, ecosystem, industry, and strategy needed to drive the digital business with data, amplify intelligence with AI and analytics, and deepen customer relationships with smarter insights.

Dive into our detailed agenda and register here — we can’t wait to virtually see you there!