Help us track and share important COVID-19 experiences, plans, and expectations. How are companies handling the COVID-19 pandemic? How are their priorities shifting over time — for both the short and long term? How are different industry executives reacting to the uncertainty of the pandemic?


The purpose of this ongoing Executive Crisis Tracker survey is to take the business pulse of executives by rapidly collecting and sharing data about how companies are experiencing, managing, and planning for the coronavirus crisis at work. This, combined with the PandemicEX survey we’ve conducted in the US and around the world, will provide a deeper analysis along the spectrum of recovery.

We want to help you understand the current state of companies and government agencies as they track and adjust to the COVID-19 pandemic. With this survey, we will regularly take the pulse of executives and publish the results. While the spread of the disease grows its economic, workforce, and societal impact, senior leadership at all organizations continue to make — and change — difficult decisions to prevent further spreading the disease while also keeping the business afloat.

We will be reporting and analyzing our findings to the market in three ways:

  1. For the market, we will post top-level analysis to our blog platform. We will collect data every two to three weeks and attempt to validate and analyze data on an ongoing basis, publishing high-level data and insights for the entire market on our blog platform.
  2. For business and technology leaders, we will send you an email with deeper insights. For those respondents who share their contact information with us, we will provide an update after each survey respecting and appreciating your participation.
  3. For Forrester clients, we continue to conduct deeper research, offering podcasts and webinars. For Forrester clients, we are continuing to conduct a deeper analysis of the data. Expect to see digital content both on and on our ForresterNow next-generation platform.