In this era of having everything at your fingertips with a few clicks, swipes, or taps, our sense of confidence in accessing data and information about anything is certainly high. The same is true for companies that are swimming in data and metrics. We now have a problem of plenty. Before we drown in dashboard dystopia, let’s swing the pendulum back to create meaningful metrics and measurement that will move your business forward and at the same time drive the outcomes that your customers want.

At Forrester’s Customer Experience North America virtual event on June 16–18, we have an entire track dedicated to meaningful measurement, where we’ll explore how both CX professionals and marketers can up their measurement game across six dimensions. Our lineup of analysts and industry speakers will dive deep into:

  • Organizational measurement (by Cinny Little): how to first align data, metrics, and action using the widely known objectives and key results (OKR) approach to get organizational alignment on what matters to customers and the business.
  • Customer experience measurement (by Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian & Faith Adams): how to modernize your approach to CX measurement and extend beyond traditional surveys and voice-of-the-customer programs, especially if they don’t account for other sources of rich customer data and insight.
  • Brand measurement (by Dipanjan Chatterjee): how to consistently measure the value, satisfaction, health, and equity of your brand and connect it back to brand and customer experience strategy.
  • Marketing measurement (by Jim Nail, Tina Moffett & James McCormick): how to holistically measure the value of your marketing and extend beyond the campaign, increasing the value of marketing insights within the organization — all while the marketing data ecosystem starts breaking ties with cookie measurement.
  • Customer service measurement (by Ian Jacobs): how to amplify the value of customer conversational and speech data to not only improve the service experience but also add customer context to other parts of the customer journey.
  • Technology value measurement (by Chris Condo): how to ensure that development and technology teams are helping you design experiences that delight your customers and create tangible business value.

If you are serious about measuring what matters, attend this track to help you focus on the right approaches. Register today for our all-virtual CX North America (June 16–18) event. I hope you will join us!