Next week at Forrester’s annual CXDC Forum in Washington, D.C., I’ll be joined by more than 200 government leaders who are leading the charge to improve CX at the federal level. Our packed agenda already includes 15+ sessions and features top CX leaders from the Census Bureau, Department of Veteran Affairs, TSA and more. We’ll also hear from leading Forrester experts who will reveal their latest research.

Last year, CXDC focused on raising awareness of the CX crisis plaguing government and explaining how to succeed at the crucial CX competencies of research, design thinking, measurement, and leadership & culture. If you’d like to read up some of the topics we covered, I encourage you to check out my previous blog posts here and here.

Since then, federal CX efforts have multiplied. Unfortunately, few have succeeded. That’s especially the case for digital CX. At the same time that websites have become the biggest channel for federal engagement, they’ve gotten worse on every measure. And hardly any expensive federal mobile apps see much use at all. As a result, the public is souring on the entire notion of federal digital CX.

To reverse this trend, federal agencies must navigate a number of complicated issues, including growing budget and personnel constraints, convoluted regulatory requirements, and a skyrocketing number of digital platforms.

We tailored the sessions for this year’s forum to help government CX professionals address these issues. Our agenda includes segments that address how to:

  • Design and build digital experiences from the outside-in
  • Measure digital CX effectively
  • Choose the right technologies for great CX
  • Build trust with secure digital experiences
  • Look over the horizon to tomorrow’s essential CX tech
  • And do it all within the legal and regulatory environment

If your organization is at a similar crossroads, or even if you haven’t started your CX journey, join me at Forrester’s CXDC 2017 in Washington D.C., September 13-14. To learn more about the Forum and to register, visit Forrester’s CXDC 2017 Forum webpage. Save $200 by entering this discount code: CXDCBLOG.