In this episode of “Digital Business,” I continue my conversation with Sandeep Dadlani, global chief digital officer at Mars, as we explore how he thinks about accelerating digital business by embracing the employees already in the business in this 10-minute video.

Key takeaways:

  • While experienced digital talent remains scarce, leaders can improve the pool of digital talent available to the organization by helping existing employees upskill themselves. Digital leaders should work with HR to build a strong learning curriculum for all employees, helping create a better understanding of what it means to be a digital business.
  • There are many people across the enterprise eager to learn more about technologies such as artificial intelligence. Providing access to learning opportunities across the enterprise will unlock hidden talent already on the payroll.
  • Extending learning across the enterprise also helps promote diversity by creating more opportunities for all employees to contribute their thoughts to the future of the business. This diversity of thinking improves the quality of ideas and solutions.
  • Opportunities to drive change across the organization can be accelerated by embracing employees eager to satisfy their insatiable curiosity. Nurture the insatiably curious and empower them to become digital ambassadors.

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