Mind The Gap

The digital gap between digitally advanced companies and their less digitally mature counterparts is widening. And the risk for companies just starting their digital journey is that they may have left it too late to catch up (see last week’s post, Your CEO Doesn’t Understand Digital).

This is one of many insights you will get from reading our digital benchmark analysis, summarized in the new report Digital Business 2018: Benchmark Your Digital Journey. The research stems from a comprehensive survey of business leaders carried out in conjunction with our research partners, the executive search firm Odgers Berndtson.

The report identifies three tiers of digital maturity for companies undergoing digital transformation:

Key Takeaways

Business Growth Is Connected To Digital Maturity

Your firm’s business success and future growth will increasingly depend upon its ability to tap into key digital business capabilities. It takes courage and a strong CEO mandate to succeed.

Don’t Wait To Be Disrupted

While a burning platform is a great accelerator of digital transformation, it’s best not to wait. Some companies are already well advanced in learning to create new sources of value through digital. They may be your next competitor.

Focus On Five Core Competencies

Only one of the five core digital business competencies involves technology. The rules of business have changed — and you need to change your business so you’ll be ready to take advantage of emerging technologies.

five core competencies of digital business

Read the research (client access or purchase).