Growth in today’s B2B market requires a new level of customer centricity that will only be successful when internal operations across marketing, sales, customer success, and the partner ecosystem are aligned and interlocked. It’s for that reason that I am thrilled to announce a new addition to our B2B portfolio: Forrester Decisions for Revenue Operations.

In constantly changing and highly complex B2B markets, organizational growth hinges on the ability to uncover value for customers. Yet customer value creation is too often undermined by ineffective and misaligned go-to-market execution that is overly focused on extracting financial value from customer relationships rather than improving buyer and customer experiences. Therefore, organizations must recognize the critical role played by operations in the consistent orchestration of value throughout the customer lifecycle.

We define revenue operations as a highly configured, iterative commercial execution strategy designed to maximize customer value and company performance. It unifies and optimizes data, processes, technology, and talent to better serve the customer lifecycle. Our new service has the power to help you strengthen alignment across your organization’s revenue ecosystem by:

  • Bridging strategy and execution. Revenue operations leaders connect the dots between strategy and execution by orchestrating actionable steps to meet customer value creation objectives that drive commercial growth, profitability, and predictability.
  • Providing consistent engagement experiences. Revenue operations streamlines processes and optimizes technologies across marketing, sales, customer success, and the partner ecosystem to increase productivity and support harmonious experiences across every customer touchpoint.
  • Unifying silos. Revenue operations breaks down silos of data and insights across the business to reveal early warning indicators for corrective actions and ensure consistency in all customer acquisition, growth, and retention interactions.

According to LinkedIn, the head of revenue operations is the fastest-growing job in the US, yet the role is still relatively new. As revenue operations is a commercial execution strategy, not an organizational structure, Forrester Decisions for Revenue Operations will meet you where you are in your stage of evolution — by continuing to support and expand research for marketing operations leaders and sales operations leaders. This service will continue delivering advice, guidance, and best practices to better navigate the unique needs of these roles. In addition, this new service now enables operations leaders to align their marketing, sales, customer success, and partner initiatives to build an integrated and customer-obsessed growth engine through a revenue operations capability.

Adding to our breadth of research in marketing and sales operations, we have an entire portfolio of research, quantifiable data, and hours of interviews that exemplify planning, capability design, process optimization, and reporting best practices. And it’s all ready for you to apply to your business initiatives — there’s no need to start from scratch on your own. Existing operations customers can immediately access the Forrester vision report, Orient Revenue Operations To Customer Value, or see how they stack up in Forrester’s B2B Revenue Operations Maturity Assessment. You can also connect with your account manager to learn how your existing service has expanded to help you better align across functions.

If you’re not yet a Forrester client, you can learn how to get access to the body of research that will transform your organization into a customer-obsessed growth engine. I look forward to meeting with you and advancing your organization’s operational excellence.