The first step to becoming audience-centric is to develop expertise and knowledge about your organization’s target buyers. Getting actionable insights into buyer behavior isn’t easy, however. That’s why, in Forrester’s new annual Buyers’ Journey Survey, 2022, we asked more than 20,000 business buyers around the world to examine their preferences during each phase of the decision-making process and in different buying scenarios.

In return, we received extensive information about business buying behaviors and preferences across job roles, industries, and regions, resulting in the largest, most comprehensive business buying survey in the world.

We’re pleased to announce the publication of Forrester’s Buyer Insights Essential Research, 2022 (client-only access) that lifts the veil on why and how business buyers make purchase decisions. These reports feature business and vendor selection drivers, interaction and information preferences, generational differences, and level of involvement in each phase of the buyer’s journey.

By combining these findings with your own research, organizations can examine buyer behavior and preferences, allowing them to elevate their go-to-market strategy through powerful campaigns, programs, and content. Specifically, these reports support:

  • Portfolio marketing teams in the development of buyer personas and buyer’s journey maps.
  • Campaign, demand marketing, communications, and sales teams to build programs and tactics informed by how buyers want to interact and receive information.
  • Content creation teams to determine the appropriate content to build during each phase of the journey.

See below for the full list of reports:

Executive Buyer Personas

  • C-suite
  • CEO
  • CFO
  • CIO
  • Line-of-business leader
  • Marketing leader (CMO, VP, director)
  • Sales leader (CSO, VP, director)

IT And Technical Buyer Personas

  • Application development professional
  • IT network infrastructure and operations professional
  • IT professional

Horizontal-Function Buyer Personas

  • Business intelligence professional
  • Finance professional
  • HR professional (including the CHRO)
  • Procurement professional

Vertical-Industry Buyer Personas

  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Financial services
  • High tech
  • Professional services
  • Retail

Regional-Buyer Reports

Regional reports represent buyers across a range of roles and departments who work within the same geographic region.

  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific

All-Business Buyers

These reports represent all buyers who responded to the survey in any function, role, region, or industry.

  • Top B2B buying behaviors in 2022
  • Complex buying scenarios and patterns

To receive a customized view of buyer journey data, Forrester Decisions clients can schedule a data-focused guidance session here or through their Forrester account manager.