Well, the privacy hits keep coming: another breach, more than a hundred million people affected, untold losses for another company and its customers.

Next week, September 14-15 in Washington DC, Forrester is gathering experts in cybersecurity, privacy, customer experience, regulatory compliance, identity management, personalization, and a range of other related topics to bring clarity to some of the most challenging privacy and security issues we currently face. Clearly we still have a lot of work to do.

Forrester’s Privacy & Security 2017 Forum isn’t just about preventing breaches (although we’ll cover that too). It’s about:

  • The ethical boundaries between what’s legal and what’s right to do with data.
  • How to provide personalized experiences to customers without violating their privacy expectations.
  • How to succeed in the digital economy with savvy and compliant data practices.
  • Understanding the most cutting-edge attack techniques and the technologies working to thwart them.

As we continue to witness, an organization’s ability to navigate these issues will be vital to its viability in the age of the customer. And current regulation, security strategy, and customer vigilance are not enough.

To learn more about the Forum and to register, visit Forrester’s Privacy & Security 2017 Forum page. Use discount code PSBLOG17 for $200 off.

We hope you’re able to join us!