The rise of automation adoption has led to technology leaders rediscovering process analysis and improvement to scale automation beyond tasks toward end-to-end process automation. So the time is right for us to dive into the process intelligence software market and provide a landscape of relevant vendors as well as technology and adoption trends. The Process Intelligence Software Landscape, Q2 2023 is now live!

How Are We Defining This Market?

Forrester defines process intelligence software as products that provide analytics about an organization’s processes that are operated by humans as well as implemented in IT systems. Process analytics is mainly based on task- and process-mining capabilities but not limited to them. Process intelligence software enables decision-making on how to improve process performance.

There Are Three Things To Know About This Market

  1. Process and task mining are converging. Most process-mining vendors have added task-mining capabilities, and most task-mining software is able to cover long-running, transactional, system-centric processes that used to be limited to process mining. Blending both technologies enables a holistic view on a company’s process operations.
  2. Time to value remains a primary challenge. Process data analytics skills, cross-departmental collaboration along end-to-end processes, and software configuration are among the major adoption challenges.
  3. Automation software vendors are now dominant players. This happened through acquisitions, technology partnerships, and native development of process intelligence capabilities adjacent to an automation software product.

Why Is This Market Unique?

This market has evolved into an established market over the last couple of decades. It is a unique market because it consists of very small but mature vendors, as well as large and equally mature vendors.

We excluded a subset of these very small vendors (namely FireStart, Fluxicon, Prothentic, UltimateSuite, and Workfellow) from the Landscape report because their process intelligence revenue was below $5 million, but they are still notable in the market. In fact, many of them get selected by large enterprises as valid vendors and deliver as such. Most of these small vendors have additional products or a services arm, which we didn’t consider in the Landscape.

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