It’s no surprise that member engagement is a priority for health plans — engaged members are more likely to stick to their treatment plans, report higher customer satisfaction, and remain loyal to their insurer. While health plans understand that member engagement is critical, many still struggle to achieve desired outcomes given personalization strategies require advanced technology to succeed at scale. But amid a competitive landscape and younger generations’ increasing skepticism toward health insurers, health plans must reimagine their engagement approach to foster loyalty, trust, and connections with their members.

Start By Focusing On The Member Journey

A journey-focused strategy recognizes that members’ healthcare experience extends beyond isolated interactions. It’s an ongoing relationship in which members must feel supported. By looking at the entire member lifecycle, health plans open more possibilities to meet members’ needs and earn their loyalty. To start, health plans must deliver optimized digital experiences that unite members’ desire for convenience, empowerment, and emotional engagement at the highest-impact points in their journey.

Leverage Technology To Drive Engagement

Technology can change the game when it comes to member engagement by enabling personalized interactions and seamless experiences for members. However, implementing these changes requires a tight alignment between business and technology goals, a comprehensive grasp of members’ data and their digital interactions, and a needs-focused process. Only a technology strategy rooted in a deep understanding of the member can create behavioral change and provide outstanding value.

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In my new research, I dive deeper into how health plans can orient their member engagement around a journey-focused strategy that is powered by robust technology offerings. Forrester clients can access the full reports here:

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