When it comes to adopting the right technology for your organization, one size does not fit all. This is why Forrester developed high-performance IT — the pursuit of continuously improving business results through technology. Companies deliver high-performance IT leveraging four IT styles — enabling, co-creating, amplifying, and transforming. Key to making your dominant style work is selecting the right technology, as the right choice differs across industries and organizations and varies based on your current and future-state goals. In the report High-Performance IT: The Right Next Tech For You, we look at how organizations investing in AI and automation, cloud, and emerging tech in the right way for them are boosting business performance. While Forrester can outline general patterns and industry trends, the right tech for you will ultimately be unique to your journey to high-performance IT.

Below are a few of the examples from the report of how you can approach choosing the right technology for your business across the different IT styles:

Enable The Business

You can enable the business by taking advantage of some already well-established use cases. Employ AI and automation for mundane tasks such as invoice matching, or use robotic process automation to enhance legacy applications. Provide your organization with a more reliable and scalable foundation by moving to the cloud and having it serve as the core of your business. Depending on your cloud maturity, use software as a service to differentiate.

Amplify And Scale

Investing in the right technology can reap enormous benefits, as it can allow your organization to scale. Use AI to augment your people — aiding employees with tasks such as product descriptions and financial reporting. Keeping humans in the loop minimizes errors, while taking advantage of AI frees up employees to dedicate more time to less monotonous tasks. Cloud itself inherently lends itself to scale; make sure to employ proper cloud governance practices to do so responsibly.

Forrester Can Help You Find Your Right Next Tech

How can you determine the right next tech for you? Ask yourself questions around your organization’s goals and unique business requirements, and consider what your peers are doing. If you’re a Forrester client, a Forrester analyst can help you shape your right next tech strategy.

Forrester clients, you can watch this webinar to learn more and schedule an inquiry with us to discuss your right next tech strategy.