I’ve been there, just like you. As a content creator before Forrester, I produced 3,000 videos and managed my assets like you probably do — or did. Content was across multiple hard drives, FTP servers, personal cloud storage, and wherever else it might land. “Workflow” was done through email and spreadsheets, and determining content ROI was tough.

The digital asset management (DAM) market has been around for decades, but it has entered a renaissance as enterprises take a renewed look at this technology. In 2019, the DAM market eclipsed $1 billion in value, and it’s growing north of 30 percent. At its core, DAM focuses on optimizing the upstream creative process, centralizing and storing assets for enterprisewide use, and handing off assets to downstream delivery technologies such as web CMS.

In our new report, “The Forrester Wave™: Digital Asset Management For Customer Experience, Q4 2019,” we took a look at the top 14 DAM vendors and scored them against 28 criteria. The vendors we included in the evaluation are: Adobe, Aprimo, BrandMaker, Bynder, Canto, CELUM, Censhare, Digizuite, MediaBeacon, Northplains, Nuxeo, OpenText, Sitecore, and Widen.

If you’re considering DAM, let’s talk. Set up an inquiry with me, and read my additional research below.

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