Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands are fueling disruption by radically reorienting consumer expectations. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, brands of all kinds are looking to shore up their own DTC efforts as more consumers seek authentic and engaging brand relationships in increasingly digital spaces. As they craft their own brand’s DTC journey, B2C marketers and commerce leaders must understand how DTC brands have succeeded in reimagining relationships, driving massive customer acquisition, and pushing the boundaries of convenience, quality, and trust.

Brand leaders: We’ve created a collection of our DTC-focused research to help you learn more about these disruptor brands, deconstruct their highly successful customer acquisition strategies, and identify the tactics that you should be experimenting with to grow your customer relationships — and your brand.

Transforming Consumer Expectations

DTC disruptors stormed onto the scene with novel approaches to the traditional purchase levers of convenience, quality, and trust. As a result, consumer expectations have shifted considerably, forcing legacy brands to adapt.

Mastering Customer Acquisition

DTC disruptors are growth engines whose success depends on mastering the art of customer acquisition. These brands have succeeded in flipping conventional media strategies, simplifying trials and subscriptions, and embedding social proof into multiple parts of the purchase experience.

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