Each month, the infrastructure and operations (I&O) team writes incredible research. As a research director, I get to not only see the final outcome but all of the work and client insights that went into its creation. For those who know me, I am quick to call these out via inquiry calls — but I’d love to capture this on a more permanent platform. For 2021, I’m hoping to blog each month, highlighting a few of my favorites, and include links to the full body of work published that month. This month, I am a tad late. Here’s my favorites for the month of March:

  • Forrester’s Public Cloud Buying Guide, 2021” — In 2020, Forrester published a series of Forrester Wave™ vendor evaluations for public cloud. With the help of my colleagues Charlie Dai, Sam Higgins, Danny Mu, and Jeffrey Hammond, we researched, analyzed, and scored public cloud platform providers. After wrapping up these reports, our group got together to discuss how a company selects its primary cloud platform. We went through the major differences along with factors within individual organizations that will impact the best fit. Take a look to see how to take concrete steps toward primary platform selection in cloud providers!
  • Best Practices For Help Desk Chatbot Success” — For this next one, we weren’t particularly subtle with the naming. Will McKeon-White outlines how to make chatbots better. As cool as the concept of chatbots are, in reality, people haven’t had great experiences. Will recognizes that most aren’t up to the task of actually helping the help desk. Often, chatbot interactions result in poor customer outcomes, preventing people from getting help when they need it. To avoid this critical error, we compiled chatbot best practices —such as team composition and what to prioritize in tooling — and laid them out as five imperatives. Together, these practices help your chatbot initiatives succeed and ensure that your help desk meets its fundamental objective. Will also did a great report about “The Future Of Chatbots,” as well, if you’re looking for some forward-thinking perspectives.


Our New Cloud Research

Forrester’s Public Cloud Buying Guide, 2021” — see summary above

Cloud Is Your Foundation For A Future Fit Technology Strategy” — harness cloud to deliver on your future fit technology strategy

Research Overview: Benchmark Your Enterprise Cloud Adoption” — key factors to justify investment and benchmark cloud progress

Now Tech: Application Modernization And Migration Services, Q1 2021” — application modernization and migration services providers

Create A Business Case For Your Hybrid Cloud Strategy” — make the right business case for cloud using Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) model

Our New Tech Operations Research

Best Practices For Help Desk Chatbot Success” — see summary above

Build Your Modern Technology Operations Roadmap Now” — how to create a roadmap for your journey

An Adaptive Mobility Strategy Sets The Technology Foundation For Anywhere Work” — how to construct an adaptive mobility strategy

Audio: Embrace The Right Technology For Anywhere Work” — a great 20-minute discussion on anywhere work

Webinar: The New Operating Model Is Upon Us” — this is a foundational webinar on the new operating model that many clients have reached out about, noting its conceptual yet practical guidance

Natural Language Processing Use Cases For Financial Services In Asia Pacific” — how banks and insurers in Asia Pacific benefit from natural language processing

Bios And Recent Research For Each Of Our Cloud And Tech Operations Analysts

Charles Betz

Andrew Hewitt

Rich Lane

Bill Martorelli

Will McKeon-White

Tracy Woo

Jeffrey Hammond (application development and delivery)

Lee Sustar has also just joined us to lead our public cloud, containers, and modernization research. We are in the process of getting a profile built for him, but we expect it to be up within the week.

Our International Analysts’ Bios And Research

Charlie Dai, based in Beijing, China

Sam Higgins, based in Sydney, Australia

Guannan Lu, based in Beijing, China

Paul Miller, based in London, England

Danny Mu, based in Beijing, China


See you next month!