The cloud-native ecosystem, powered by the distributed Kubernetes backbone, is transforming everything in the cloud. In APAC, organizations are prioritizing the adoption of multicloud container platforms (MCPs) to develop, deploy, and run modern applications in a multicloud and hybrid cloud context. APAC cloud leaders implement MCPs to enable multicloud infrastructure and application operations, modernize application development throughout the app lifecycle, and drive enterprise innovation with cloud-native integration.

Firms in Asia Pacific are dealing with unique technology, business, and regulatory compliance requirements in the cloud, forcing local tech decision-makers to take a pragmatic approach to vendor selection. In our first Landscape report on MCPs in Asia Pacific, we identified five core use cases that buyers most frequently seek and expect MCP vendors in APAC to address as well as five extended use cases that regional buyers are focusing on. We also identified 15 core and extended functionalities that MCP vendors in APAC are offering to address.

We included the following vendors in this report: Alauda, Alibaba Cloud, ArcherOS, BoCloud, Canonical, Google, H3C, Harmony Cloud, Huawei, JD Cloud, Microsoft, Mirantis, Nutanix, Oracle, Rancher, Red Hat, VMware, and Volcano Engine.

To find out more about our results, Forrester clients can download the report or request an inquiry with me, Charlie Dai.