As the pandemic peaks and wanes, businesses are rethinking their customer experience (CX) strategies and engagement models throughout the entire customer lifecycle. For some, the change is radical. The immediate urge to ensure their own health and safety means that customers may temporarily sacrifice their personal comfort, but they’ll demand more trust and reliability from companies with which they choose to do business.

The Pandemic Has Created A New Normal For Businesses and Consumers

No organization has been able to predict the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic — despite decades of tried-and-true scenario planning and systems thinking practices. The pandemic has introduced a tumultuous period that’s shaping the future and forcing a shift in ways that business, technology, and consumer expectations develop from this point forward. As businesses around the world work hard to survive, adapt, and find a way to grow, we at Forrester have identified five key shifts over the next five or more years related to:

  1. Customer expectations and flight to safety and convenience
  2. Digital engagement that creates hybrid experiences
  3. Future of work and government policy making
  4. A new wave of technological disruption
  5. Business resiliency as a competitive advantage

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of Post-COVID Customer Experience

While businesses adapt to the new normal, they’re under pressure to deliver good CX, especially since customers have become, in some ways, more demanding and somewhat less trusting. Not every organization is able to cope with these rising challenges. We’re observing many CX breakdowns — often the result of poor customer understanding and a lack of empathy. The silver lining of these failures is a fresh perspective, as organizations learn to overcome structural challenges in how they manage CX and the disconnect from strategic decision-making. The important thing to remember is that those who are able to turn failures into successes are the ones who will lead the way forward and capture the gratifying result of emerging stronger from this crisis.

Infuse CX Principles Into Your Business Recovery Strategies

To guide companies out of the crisis and earn the trust of their customers, CX professionals must realize their full, yet untapped, potential by bringing the customer to the decision table. Likewise, executive leaders must pay heed to the advice of the CX pros and marketers who possess valuable insights and skills that can be put to good use as companies begin to transform and innovate in response to the “new normal.” There can be no sustainable business without engaged, loyal, and trusting customers, so any talk of business recovery must include a sound strategy for CX, adjusted to the present realities. Likewise, key decisions related to technology, workforce, product offerings, and operating models must be aligned with a bold CX vision and plan scenarios designed to create a win-win for customers, employees, and the business itself.

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