In the midst of a pandemic, when the global economy is shrinking and society is arguably more divided than ever, this is the time to embrace ethics.

If you are wondering why, join me for my keynote session at CX EMEA. Here’s a sneak peek of the topics you will learn about:

  • Values-based customers choose businesses they want to engage with on the basis of the values they embrace and promote. But these customers do not stop there. They want to know whether businesses operate consistently with the values they identify their brands with. And if you are thinking that this is only true for some customers, you might need to think again! Our data shows that this trend goes beyond income levels, age, and relationship with technologies. Employees care about the values, too.
  • Technology — from social media to public employee platforms to supply chain monitoring software — is exposing your business processes. This is a critical change. Customers can see, employees can say, and business partners can easily demonstrate whether a company is behaving accordingly with the values it publicly marries. Values-based customers and employees act on the basis of what they learn.
  • While it might feel like an abstract discussion, ethics is very real. Ethics is a set of shared rules and behaviors that help businesses make decisions in line with their chosen values, with consistency, integrity, and transparency. It also pushes companies to design their brand’s vision and strategy as well as measure and articulate business outcomes to a broader group of stakeholders, including customers, employees, business partners, and society at large.

Join us at our fully virtual event CX EMEA to learn how forward-looking companies rely on ethics to bring their values to life in ways that are meaningful and deliver superior experiences to their customers and employees. Find out more.