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Values have become a competitive differentiator as consumers seek out brands with values that align with their own. Learn more about values-based customer experience and how to evolve your approach.

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As The Abortion Debate Ramps Up, Companies Must Support The Diverse Needs Of Their Employees And Customers

Katy Tynan May 10, 2022
The Supreme Court’s leaked draft opinion on Roe v. Wade has intensified calls for brands to respond to the abortion debate. But your primary focus should be on your employees and your customers.

Europese consumenten hechten steeds meer waarde aan duurzaamheid

Michelle Beeson May 9, 2022
Post van gastblogger Melissa Chaudet, senior onderzoeksmedewerker. Het is geen geheim dat Europese consumenten zich steeds meer zorgen maken over de impact van hun consumptie op het milieu. Forrester heeft onlangs nieuw onderzoek uitgevoerd om een beeld te krijgen van de verwachtingen en houding van Europese consumenten ten aan zien van duurzaamheid. Dit waren de bevindingen: […]

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Technology Is Not Neutral

Sara M. Watson April 18, 2022
Every element of technology is laden with human decisions and values. Find out how those decisions impact the technology itself.

Values-Motivated Consumers Make Up 18% Of The US Buying Population

Dipanjan Chatterjee April 13, 2022
Today, like never before, a new social consciousness permeates commerce. Consumers are vocal about their social positions, and they pledge to stand firmly behind companies that do the right thing while threatening to chastise those that do not.

Ethical Marketing Is Never An Easy Business Decision: Join Me At CX APAC 2022

Xiaofeng Wang April 6, 2022
Implementing a successful ethical marketing strategy requires careful balancing of customer value and business value. Join me at CX APAC to learn how.

European Consumers Drive The Sustainability Demand

Michelle Beeson March 16, 2022
Guest blog post by Melissa Chaudet, senior research associate. It’s no secret that European consumers are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of their consumption habits. We’ve recently conducted net-new data research to gain a snapshot of European consumers’ environmental expectations and attitudes. We found that they: Actively seek more environmentally friendly options when shopping. […]

Luxury Brands’ Success Requires Digital Commerce And Hybrid Customer Experience

Michelle Beeson March 15, 2022
Luxury brands continue to grapple with their evolving digital go-to-market strategies in the face of ingrained traditions, placing a premium on the in-store customer experience. But it is not a case of digital versus store. Year on year, Forrester’s consumer surveys show that luxury consumers are more digitally mature than their mainstream counterparts. They seek […]

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Navigating The Business Roundtable’s Roadmap For Responsible AI

Brandon Purcell February 3, 2022
Get a detailed analysis of the Business Roundtable's recently published Roadmap for Responsible Artificial Intelligence.

Managing Technology’s Impact On Society Will Require A Responsible And Ethical Tech Organization

Sara M. Watson January 28, 2022
Digital acceleration means all companies need to understand their technological and social impacts to build customer trust. Responsible and ethical tech efforts will need to be coordinated across the enterprise.

Predictions 2022: Values Come Front And Center For European Companies

What It Means December 9, 2021
Values-based consumers will drive major changes in the European economy in the coming year. Find out how as VP and Group Research Director Laura Koetzle discusses our 2022 European predictions.

Ethical Marketing Helps Brands Differentiate And Build Trust

Xiaofeng Wang October 28, 2021
Values-based consumers — people who vote with their wallets to support brands that align with their values — are on the rise, a trend accelerated by COVID-19. These consumers are making brands more aware of the importance of corporate social responsibility and sustainability. But, in Asia Pacific (APAC), too many firms’ sustainability plans remain performative. […]

Be An Authentic Ally To Earn The Right To Wear The Rainbow

Judy Weader June 1, 2021
June: a time when flowers bloom, kids count the days until summer vacation, and businesses everywhere turn their logos into little Pride flags. “Rainbow capitalism” is becoming more common, but as it spreads wider, it becomes more obvious when a firm’s commitment to the LGBTQ+ community barely runs skin deep. In 2019, LGBTQ+ groups pushed […]

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A Brand’s Values Must Withstand The Pressure Of Politics

Mike Proulx April 8, 2021
The lines between brands and politics have blurred. If companies are committed to standing with their values, politics are unavoidable. But that doesn’t mean a given brand must or should take on every single issue. Company values will determine when to choose a side.

Empowered Consumers Call For Sustainability Transformation

Anjali Lai January 19, 2021
While consumer conversations about the climate have ebbed and flowed for decades, 2020 marked a turning point that sparked unprecedented urgency around the climate crisis. Learn how this will impact consumer trends in 2021.

Trust In The Age Of The Customer

Anjali Lai November 20, 2020
We all know that consumer trust is important, but it’s extremely challenging for companies to know when they have it, when they violate it, and how to cultivate it. Discover the components needed to grow consumer trust.

Give More Thought To Giving Tuesday

Rick Parrish October 30, 2020
These days, many companies are trying to express moral, social, or political values that resonate with values-based consumers. Giving Tuesday (which falls on the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving) presents an opportunity for companies to do just that, so a growing number of brands participate. However, companies’ participation in Giving Tuesday will resonate with the market […]

The Time To Embrace Business Ethics Is Now

Enza Iannopollo October 22, 2020
In the midst of a pandemic, when the global economy is shrinking and society is arguably more divided than ever, this is the time to embrace ethics. If you are wondering why, join me for my keynote session at CX EMEA. Here’s a sneak peek of the topics you will learn about: Values-based customers choose […]

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How To Measure Value For Customers

Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian October 22, 2020
Do you know whether or not your customers feel that it’s actually worth it to be your customer? In my latest report, “How To Measure Value For Customer,” I argue that most organizations cannot measure whether or not customers feel like they derive value from doing business with them. Customers derive value when they feel […]

Why Customer Experience? Why Now?

Martin Gill October 22, 2020
One of the things I was most looking forward to in 2020 as I returned to focus on our European consumer research was CX EMEA. I’ve always enjoyed Forrester events, both as a customer more than a decade ago, as an analyst presenting, and as a research director acting as MC. It’s a chance to […]

Predictions 2021: Asia Pacific Will Lead The World Out Of COVID-19

Ashutosh Sharma October 14, 2020
Forrester analysts from across the Asia Pacific region provide insights on what to expect in the year 2021.
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