My recent analysis of Forrester’s Marketing Survey, 2024, reveals that growing organizations face many of the same challenges as organizations with no growth, but they order their marketing priorities differently. Whether your company is growing or not, comparing your marketing priorities to other companies — especially growing companies — is a great way to evaluate your most important focus areas and manage them with confidence.

Focus On Priorities That Growing Companies Prioritize

I found that marketing decision-makers in growing organizations pay particular attention to the order of their priorities in six key areas:

  • Overall focus. Growing companies are more likely to prioritize some big, transformational marketing initiatives.
  • Supporting resources. Growing organizations are more likely to prioritize two key supporting resources that no-growth organization aren’t likely to be focused on.
  • Process optimization. No-growth organizations aren’t as likely to prioritize one notable, important process.
  • Technology budget allocation. Growing organizations are more likely to increase budgets in several martech capabilities that no-growth organizations are less likely to invest in.
  • AI usage. Growing organizations are more likely to have generative AI use cases in production and more likely to prioritize five different use cases.
  • Marketing performance evaluation. No-growth organizations are more likely to deprioritize three marketing KPIs that growing organizations are more likely to prioritize.

Are Your Marketing Priorities Ordered For Growth?

While there may be many reasons for different marketing organizations to order their priorities differently, marketing decision-makers shouldn’t ignore the fact that no-growth organizations are clearly missing the same level of focus as growing organizations in several critical areas. And since today’s business climate is as competitive and challenging as ever, marketing leaders must instill organizational focus on the priorities that will overcome these challenges and drive sustainable growth.

In my new report, Growing B2B Organizations Have These Six Marketing Priorities In Order, I break down six key areas of focus and compare the related sub-priorities between growing companies and no-growth companies. After you read the report, schedule a guidance session with me to talk through your own marketing priorities and make sure that your marketing teams are focusing on the right things in the right order to maximize growth.