Generative AI, as it stands today, is a minimally viable solution for frontline marketers. But that’s going to change. Generative AI will revolutionize frontline B2B marketing, offering both opportunities and threats to the status quo.

Forrester forecasts that automation and AI overall will replace 4.9% of US jobs by 2030. With unique regard to frontline marketing, the longer-term potential for AI to execute common tasks with fewer humans makes a higher-than-average level of displacement more likely. Don’t be overly concerned; be overly prepared.

AI Decision-Makers Are Concerned About Displacement, And You Should Be, Too

According to Forrester’s July 2023 Artificial Intelligence Pulse Survey, nearly half (49%) of AI decision-makers say that they are concerned about displacement of human jobs by generative AI usage at their organization. Whether or not they are right to be concerned, concern isn’t a strategy. Frontline marketing leaders must prepare for a range of scenarios that may alter roles and responsibilities.

Marketing automation technologies have been around for decades, working alongside frontline marketers. But the implications of technologies such as generative AI are different because they can drastically reduce the amount of input needed to generate new outputs at scale. Frontline marketing leaders must anticipate AI’s potential to replace some headcount, roles, accountabilities, and activities.

Start Preparing Frontline Marketing For AI Transformation Now

The worst thing that frontline marketing leaders can do about AI is to do nothing and wait to see what happens. To understand the impact of generative AI and how to prepare your frontline marketing team, I invite you to read my new report, titled Frontline Marketer Vs. Machine. The report delves into the implications of AI in frontline B2B marketing and provides strategies for anticipating the changing landscape.

Don’t be caught off guard by the potential displacement of human jobs. Start preparing and future-proofing your frontline marketing team today by scheduling a guidance session. Forrester can help you assess the impact of generative AI on your organization and develop a roadmap to upskill and evolve your team’s strategy and competencies.