Wasm Day Highlights

  • Docker commits to helping cloud-native developers learn and adopt Wasm as the future of cloud computing and as a complementary technology to containers. Read Docker’s press release here.
  • Fermyon announces open beta of Fermyon Cloud.
  • Growth of the WASI component model to make Wasm more consumable:
    • POSIX support in development via parametric linking of data, rather than through a file-system interface
  • Expanding the polyglot vision for WebAssembly, with experiments and projects specifically for Java, Python, and .NET

What It Means: WebAssembly Will Be Everywhere!

WebAssembly’s ecosystem is growing, with its use cases growing beyond browser-run apps. Major cloud-native ecosystem players such as Docker and Red Hat see WebAssembly as a portal into the future of cloud native. Building on container orchestration, WebAssembly, and, more specifically, wasmCloud implementations like Cosmonic or Fermyon improves the developer experience by abstracting away the intricacies of deployment and enterprise governance.

The focus on building support for widely adopted languages in the enterprise such as Java and Python will provide a path for deploying existing enterprise applications as part of wasmCloud implementations.

WebAssembly is great for a ton of use cases already, especially for creating performant web apps. It is on the cusp of evolving to be a lot more. WebAssembly made every browser a compute engine; WASI will make any platform, anywhere, a runtime target and usher in edge-deployed applications that can do complex things with your data where your data is. Tech leaders, developers, look at WebAssembly now: It’s the next big thing.