• B2B marketing, product and sales teams need to have the right skills and knowledge to support business goals
  • Team members who feel their employer is invested in their success are more likely to stay
  • Because SiriusDecisions learning is based on our research, it’s already aligned to business initiatives

If you’re a client of SiriusDecisions’ research Services, you’re already a step ahead of your peers. Our research shows that SiriusDecisions clients grow 12 to 15 times faster than their peers and are seven times more profitable. As a client, you’ve personally decided to obtain best practices and data, get advice from experts, and learn better skills.

man focused on laptop holding mugBut what are you doing for your teams?

This question is important for two big reasons:

  • You can’t get it all done by yourself. Face it: You need your team. When you think about the progress you’re trying to make or the initiative you’re driving, having your team ready to support you is a critical aspect of your success.
  • We’re in a full-employment economy. If individuals don’t feel they can be successful at your organization, they’ll go somewhere they can experience success. Being successful often means that an individual or a team has the knowledge and capabilities to get the job done. This is the job you’ve asked them to do.

With these two considerations in mind, ask yourself: Do my teams have the knowledge and capabilities to ensure their success? If the answer is yes, this will increase your chances of personal success and create positive engagement for your teams.

If the answer is no, then it’s time to consider adding SiriusPathways® to your plan. SiriusPathways are a great way to enable your teams to get what they need to support you and your initiatives. Here’s why:

  • They’re research based. Our courses are based on the same research and insights that are driving your initiatives in the first place. Whether it’s planning for next year, shifting from a product focus to audience-centricity or launching a new product, SiriusPathways deliver the research through an innovative learning experience. Rather than try to teach every team member individually, you can assign all team members to complete the course as a foundation. Then, you can activate them to do what you need them to do.
  • They support various learning styles. It’s no secret that learners gain and retain knowledge best through a variety of delivery methods. That’s why each SiriusPathway delivers content in multiple formats – through reading, video and application activities – to ensure all learners’ preferred learning styles are accommodated.
  • They include templates. Most initiatives succeed when people know what to do and can actually do it. Instead of starting with a blank sheet of paper, why not start with SiriusPathways templates? These get your teams to make faster progress toward supporting your initiatives.
  • Each learner earns a certification. Each learner must pass an assessment that confirms he or she understands and can apply the concepts in the course. You won’t have to wonder if individuals “got the content” – they passed the test! Now you can build on that knowledge to accelerate growth.

Learning – and getting that learning into your team’s hands – will increase your chances at attaining success and power your team to stay connected to your organization. A learning course is also a real time-saver – without one, multiply the number of conversations you’d have to have with your team by the number of hours it would take you to have them. That’s a lot of time! Consider using SiriusPathways today to set yourself and your teams up for a great 2019.