Forrester Research Inc. (Nasdaq: FORR) today announced a series of new and enhanced data products and services that help Market Insights Professionals operate as strategic business advisors. These new offerings build upon Forrester’s industry-leading Consumer Technographics® surveys to provide market researchers and their organizations with a more global and insightful view of their customers using the latest innovative research methodology.

The three new and enhanced products and services include:

Community Speaks

If Forrester’s Consumer Technographics helps market researchers understand the “what” behind emerging consumer trends, then the new Community Speaks helps them understand the “why.” Community Speaks is based upon a market research online community (MROC) of more than 2,000 participants. Community Speaks provides Market Insights Professionals with qualitative consumer insights built from foundational Technographics data on topics such as customer experience and loyalty, consumer technology adoption, and media and Internet behaviors and attitudes. Companies’ need to keep up with the new multichannel digital consumer in real-time means that more global brands are shifting budgets to this kind of innovative research methodology.

“Community Speaks is one of the most significant enhancements ever to Technographics,” said Jill Chiara, vice president and practice leader serving Market Insights Professionals at Forrester. “The combination of quantitative Technographics data plus Community Speaks qualitative data, in addition to insight from Forrester analysts, is unique in the marketplace.”

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Russian Technographics

With expansion into Russia, Forrester’s Consumer Technographics will survey 330,000 consumers in 18 countries this year, providing insights into how technology affects global consumers’ attitudes, behaviors, and motivations. Combined with the previous introduction of survey work in Asia and Latin America, Technographics now offers Market Insights Professionals a consistent view of consumers in the emerging BRIC countries of Brazil, Russia, India, and China. In 2011, Forrester will survey 5,000 Russian consumers.

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Data Explorer

With the introduction of Data Explorer, custom data is now available to Forrester Technographics and ForrSights clients online 24×7. Clients have the freedom to decide how to view survey responses for any question in the Technographics data set, for example, by gender, by age group, by income level, or by such categories as “business travelers” or “mobile phone owners.” The self-service Data Explorer tool arms Market Insights Professionals with presentation-ready charts when they need them.

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“Taken together, these new products and services arm market researchers with a more qualitative and global view of their customers,” said Chiara. “That data elevates the market researcher role to that of a Market Insights Professional and makes him or her a more strategic partner to the business.”

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