J.P. Gownder, Vice President, Principal Analyst

Show notes:

When it comes to the impact of automation and robotics on jobs, there’s a wide range of views — some dystopian and some optimistic. But they all share a common thread: Automation and robotics are having, and will increasingly have, a significant impact on the number and types of jobs in the future. This is not only a comment about factory floors. This dynamic will also influence blue- and white-collar jobs participating in an economy fueled by technology.

By 2027, 17% of all US jobs will have been lost to automation, and a 10% equivalent of jobs will have been created, resulting in a net job loss of 7% — a number equivalent to the Great Recession.

While on the surface the numbers may seem gloomy, in reality, automation will spur innovation and the growth of many new jobs, products, and markets that could overcome the 7% net job loss. Perhaps most interestingly, automation will transform the nature of jobs as humans find themselves working side by side with robots. Technologies previously used to reduce costs are now realizing their second calling: driving customer value.

In this episode, J.P. Gownder shares how business and technology leaders can get in front of this dynamic as automation reshapes the customer experience and evolves the world of talent management.