One of the best parts about being a Research Director here at Forrester, rather than an Analyst, is I get to be involved in a wider range of research topics than before. 
I’ve always been interested in mobile, but I’ve never really covered it as a subject. We have an embarrassment of way more qualified analysts like Julie Ask, Mike Facemire, Jenny Wise, and Thomas Husson to name a few. Their knowledge on the subject far outstrips mine. So it’s been a fun journey over the last six months working with Ted Schadler as he’s espoused one simple, powerful, unequivocal viewpoint:
Woah there, Ted, was my first reaction. You can’t say that. What about… erm… or, no, what about… nope, not that one either. 
The more we looked, the less we found that we liked. Yes, there’s some shining lights – Amazon, Financial Times, Trip Advisor and others, but they’re in the minority. There’s a billion websites in the world, and smartphones are mainstream. Akamai Technologies' data from mid-2016 shows that in the media and retail industries in some markets, more than 50% of web traffic is from smartphones. And its growing. Web traffic is shifting to phones, growing to 52% globally in 2019.
So what do you do? Well we’ve given you two reports to build the case and drive action:
  • A Billion Mobile Sites Spark No Joy is a data-driven report outlining why responsive retrofits aren't enough to serve customers in their mobile moments of need.This report carries the evidence to convince your company to make your mobile website a first-class citizen.
  • Reinvent The Web To Win The Mobile Moment explains that customers suffer when they visit your site on their phones, and explains how digital business professionals must reconceive, redesign and re-architect their websites to build progressive, app-like mobile web experiences.