Early last year, Forrester defined a new player in data and analytics services, the insights service provider.  Over the past 18 months, our research has produced a number of reports defining the category, digging into specific industry and functional or domain specialists, identifying what really makes a true insights provider stand out (hint, it’s decision support) and addressing questions that companies have about how best to select and engage these new service providers.

Our research has also explored the business opportunity that insights services delivery offers, for data originators and aggregators, for software providers, and for manufacturers of connected products.

The following list provides a table of contents for the research – a cheat sheet for Forrester’s research on insights services.

Two reports address best practices in working with an insights services provider.

And, two reports illustrate how insights services – often as value-added or upsell services opportunity – can drive incremental revenues.

And, there is more to come on both the supply and the demand for data, including new “alt-data” sources, data brokers and marketplaces, and a insights services Wave refresh next year.

I’d encourage everyone to request an inquiry as well to discuss how to take advantage of the opportunities that data provides – either as a supplier or as a consumer of data into the exploding data economy.