Privacy is firmly in the limelight as businesses weigh in on whether privacy is a human right and legislatures around the world debate new regulations and protections for consumers. Marketers are on the front lines of customer engagement, championing the consumer within the enterprise and taking an active role in privacy discussions. 

But for marketers who aren’t already privacy experts, how should they get involved? 

We just published a new report, “Q&A: Demystify The Intersection Of Martech, Privacy, And Consent,” that aims to educate and guide marketers on the confluence of privacy, consent, ethics, and technology. It answers questions such as: What does it mean when a vendor says it’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)-certified? What role do security certificates play in privacy programs? How should marketers evaluate vendors’ privacy capabilities? 

While marketers and vendors have a knack for oversimplifying privacy into simplset of consent requirements, the practice of privacy is much, much broader: 

Check out the report here to get a marketer-friendly privacy primer.