While regional businesses continue to bring new products and offerings into the market to meet the growing demands of their audience, marketing leaders seek answers on how to streamline and prioritise these new product launches. The multiple markets that they look after in Asia Pacific are not homogeneous, featuring different languages and cultures, as well as other nuances that need to be considered when executing a launch.  

What can regional marketing leaders do to ensure that they are achieving economies of scale through a launch and to apply a structured process to optimise their limited in-region resources?  

We recommend focusing on four key steps: 

  1. Ensure you have visibility and clarity in global launch calendars and expected time frames. 
  2. Understand the market impact that these launches will have in each country. 
  3. Determine if you have the necessary capabilities and competencies to execute successfully. 
  4. And finally, prioritise the launches and develop the launch plans. 

Join me at Forrester B2B Summit APAC on 20 September where my colleague, Barry Vasudevan, and I will elaborate on how you can optimise new offering introductions into the region. This session will provide the following benefits:  

  • Understand how to leverage corporate resources and combine efforts to create localised deliverables.
  • Discover which competencies are needed across the marketing organisation to optimise this approach. 

Forrester B2B Summit APAC 2022 will deliver unique, APAC-focused and actionable, best-practice enabled guidance to support our clients in taking bolder, bigger, more impactful actions for their organisations as well as their personal growth and success. Our sessions are in line with our theme of “Align, Advance, Accelerate” to ensure that we are equipping you with not just the “what to do” but also the “how to do it” as you take these learnings back to your organisation.  

We are excited to share these new strategic and operational insights and best practices at our 2022 APAC Summit and continue to be by the side of our clients in APAC. We can’t wait to see you there!