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Spring-Cleaning And Assessing B2B Go-To-Market Strategies

Katie Fabiszak April 2, 2024
This blog post introduces Forrester’s Go-To-Market Maturity Assessment, an assessment that helps B2B leaders assess their go-to-market capabilities by evaluating across four key areas: business context, market strategy, buyer strategy, and engagement strategy.

The Core Tenets That Set High-Performing Portfolio Marketing Teams Apart

Katie Fabiszak December 15, 2023
Results from Forrester’s Portfolio Marketing Survey, 2023, reveal that high-performing portfolio marketing teams prioritize strategic activities and take an audience-focused approach to their work. This blog post reveals the top three practices we see high-performing portfolio marketing teams doing differently.

Go-To-Market Strategy: The Three Core Engagement Elements Needed For Successful Execution

Katie Fabiszak November 14, 2023
This blog post dives into the engagement strategy layer of the Forrester Go-To-Market Architecture framework. This layer details a go-to-market strategy approach that allows portfolio marketers to build the critical deliverables needed to ensure successful execution.

Go-To-Market Strategy: Three Steps To Connecting Buyer Needs To Ideal Offerings

Katie Fabiszak October 10, 2023
This blog post dives into the buyer strategy layer of the Forrester Go-To-Market Architecture model. This layer details a go-to-market strategy approach that aligns the needs of a particular buying audience with the best solution that will meet those needs.

Go-To-Market Strategy: Three Steps To Intentional Segmentation And Route-To-Market Decisions

Katie Fabiszak August 11, 2023
A one-size-fits-all go-to-market strategy is nonexistent, but B2B organizations need a methodology in place to support the creation of an audience-focused go-to-market strategy. This blog post dives into the market strategy layer of the Forrester Go-To-Market Architecture, which guides B2B leaders on how to think through the decisions about segmentation and routes to market.

To Be Customer-Obsessed, B2B Leaders Must Think Differently About Customer Value

Katie Fabiszak April 11, 2023

Breakthrough Go-To-Market Strategies Require Three Components

Katie Fabiszak November 8, 2022
It’s more important than ever for B2B organizations to make sound strategic decisions. Yet if you ask each member of your executive leadership team how they define go-to-market strategy, you will likely get a different answer from each of them. Not only does this create confusion internally, but it’s also an inhibitor to growth, as […]

Three Reasons Why Your CEO Should Embrace An Audience-Focused Go-To-Market Strategy

Katie Fabiszak January 7, 2022
It’s important for organizations to unite around an audience-focused go-to-market strategy. To do this effectively, it’s imperative to get executive buy-in. CEOs have enough on their plates, so how can portfolio marketers get their attention? First, make sure your CEO knows that organizations that put the customer at the center of strategy, leadership, and operations – which Forrester calls customer-obsessed – grow revenue and profitability more than twice as fast as companies that don’t. Focusing on three things will convince your CEO that embracing an audience-focused go-to-market strategy is crucial for business.

Lighting Up Your Existing Tech Stack To Uncover Buyer, Customer, And Market Insights

Katie Fabiszak April 20, 2021
To support the gathering of buyer, customer, and market insights, portfolio marketers must work with their marketing operations colleagues to determine the ideal technology. In her latest blog post for Forrester, Katie Fabiszak highlights her upcoming B2B Summit North America session with Barbara Winters.

Five Actions Every Portfolio Marketer Should Take To Drive Business Value In 2021

Katie Fabiszak January 21, 2021
As organizations prepare for 2021 and beyond, they need to focus on what matters most, which includes examining market trends and understanding buyer needs. Here are the five key actions portfolio marketers must take.

Portfolio Marketing Spotlight: Kodak Alaris Wins Program of the Year at Summit 2020

Katie Fabiszak June 23, 2020
  • At Forrester SiriusDecisions Summit 2020, two organizations that exemplify best-in-class portfolio marketing were recognized
  • This blog post follows one winner, Kodak Alaris, as it implemented a new worldwide product launch process
  • Through implementing best practices, Kodak Alaris saw global adoption and tangible results as it brought a new solution to market

Portfolio Marketing Spotlight: Atlassian Wins Program of the Year Award at Summit 2020

Katie Fabiszak June 8, 2020
  • This year’s Forrester SiriusDecisions Summit recognized two organizations that exemplify best-in-class portfolio marketing
  • One of those winners, Atlassian, evolved successfully to an audience-centric go-to-market approach
  • Through implementing best practices, Atlassian saw tangible results as it tested buyer-focused messaging

The Portfolio Marketer’s Guide to Surviving Disruptive Go-to-Market Change

Katie Fabiszak April 7, 2020
  • Disruptive go-to-market change is inevitable and is a factor constantly affecting B2B organizations
  • Changes often lead to siloed interpretations that can have a negative impact on the revenue engine’s performance
  • When disruptive changes occur, portfolio marketers must take responsibility for determining the impact on markets, buyers, and go-to-market activities

Responding to Coronavirus: A Playbook for Portfolio Marketing

Katie Fabiszak April 3, 2020
  • The coronavirus outbreak will affect all types of businesses — no organization will be immune to its impact
  • Portfolio marketers must take action to identify required changes in go-to-market plans
  • Key areas for portfolio marketers to prioritize include target audiences, sales impact, buyer’s journey maps, messaging and product launches

How Merrill Built a Common Language Around Personas to Support Audience-Centricity

Katie Fabiszak October 14, 2019
  • B2B organizations understand that buyer persona development is a critical component of an audience-centric go-to-market strategy
  • By implementing best practices, Merrill was able to drive consistency across the product, sales and marketing teams and develop a pipeline of opportunities that represented the right audience
  • Merrill successfully established a common language around personas

Why Are Buyer Insights So Vital for Product, Marketing and Sales Leaders?

Katie Fabiszak September 11, 2019
  • Product, marketing and sales leaders need buyer insights to support an audience-centric go-to-market strategy
  • Most B2B companies struggle to gather the knowledge and insights needed to become audience-centric
  • SiriusDecisions’ Buyer Insights Reports help B2B organizations better understand buyer behaviors and preferences

Five Things High-Performing Portfolio Marketers Do Differently

Katie Fabiszak May 15, 2019
  • Portfolio marketing deserves to have a seat at the strategic table alongside other executives
  • Results of a recent SiriusDecisions survey show that organizations that give portfolio marketing a strategic role to lead go-to-market strategy outperform their peers significantly
  • Portfolio marketers should own the alignment of product, sales and marketing for go-to-market efforts

The Product Manager and Portfolio Marketer . . . A Valentine’s Love Story

Katie Fabiszak February 11, 2019
  • Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to assess and measure the relationship between product management and portfolio marketing
  • Standard processes, role clarifications and consistent communication are key elements of a great relationship between portfolio marketers and product managers
  • Collaboration improves innovation and the leaders’ ability to successfully bring offerings to market

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…For B2B Portfolio Marketers to Wrap Up Some Sales Kickoff Content!

Katie Fabiszak December 21, 2018
  • Sales kickoffs represent an opportunity for portfolio marketers to introduce or reinforce knowledge components that are critical to sales reps’ success
  • Different sales audiences must be considered when building the sales kickoff agenda and creating programs for knowledge transfer
  • Portfolio marketers must develop a plan and have an active role in the sales kickoff agenda