Many organizations’ acquisition and loyalty strategies haven’t changed much in decades. Most firms tend to focus on the transactional aspects of the customer journey and largely neglect the emotional elements that are key to differentiated experiences that drive customer loyalty. Forrester’s research shows that feelings of frustration drive customers away, positive emotions can increase wallet share, and experiences that reflect the full spectrum of emotions accelerate growth.

While some companies have started to design for emotion, many get emotion wrong. They equate emotion with delight, instead of designing experiences on a broad spectrum of emotions. Contrary to popular belief, making customers feel content, happy, or delighted impacts loyalty less than making customers feel respected, understood, valued, or confident.

Customers experience a range of emotions, and each of their emotions has its own individual message and purpose. At my session at CX APAC 2022 on May 10–11 in Sydney, I’ll provide insights and guidance on how firms should expand their notion of value for customers. How? By breaking down value across four dimensions, where each drives a range of emotions that will influence conversion and loyalty. Firms will have to prioritize certain emotions depending on the complexity and intensity of the journeys.

I will also discuss the emotional highs and lows of journeys and how firms should create emotional peaks that reflect memorable high points and eliminate make-or-break moments that will derail the journey.

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