Social media is now a mainstay of most marketing plans, and shifts in the media landscape make social suites critical for marketers to efficiently manage their social media efforts — all in one place.

What Are Social Suites?

Forrester defines social suites as: platforms that combine multiple social tech capabilities into a single unified offering, such as social content planning and publishing, social listening, and customer response.

How Do Social Suites Add Value To Your Social Media Team?

Social suites help social media teams increase their productivity, respond to customers faster, and measure the impact of their social media efforts. As marketers seek out stronger cross-team and social media channel coordination, technology providers are updating their capabilities to deliver stronger measurement and response capabilities across channels and integrate generative AI tools into their products.

In our just-published report, The Social Suite Landscape, Q4 2023, we identify the top eight use cases for this market, broken out by “core” and “extended.” They include:

  • Social media management.
  • Customer care.
  • Insights and performance.
  • Social commerce.
  • Ratings and review management.
  • Employee advocacy.
  • Influencer marketing.
  • Social media advertising.

Check out the full report to see notable providers in this market, functionality by use case, and extended use cases by provider. Forrester clients, schedule a guidance session to learn more about the social suite landscape and how to supercharge your social media team.