Each year, Forrester Research and the Disaster Recovery Journal team up to launch a study examining the state of business resiliency.

  • Each year, we focus on a specific resiliency domain, whether it’s business continuity, IT disaster recovery, or overall enterprise risk management. The studies provide BC and other risk managers an understanding of how their practices compare to the overall industry, and it also tracks how priorities, challenges, and practices are shifting over time.
  • This year’s study will focus on business continuity practices. We’ll examine the overall state of BC maturity, particularly in process maturity (business impact analysis, risks assessment, plan development, testing, maintenance, etc.), but we’ll also examine how organizations handle workforce continuity and crisis communication, and we’ll explore the most common causes of business disruption and the lessons that we can gleam from them.
  • What I’ve learned from past studies and from all of the high-profile business disruptions that have occurred in the past two years – from massive airline IT outages to natural disasters – is that business continuity has never been more important. Customers’ expectations for availability have increased dramatically while business complexity, IT complexity, and an increasing number of external risk factors have made the likelihood of a major business disruption highly probable.

For those who will be at DRJ Spring World 2018 March 25 to 28 in Orlando, I’ll be there presenting the complete results and answering questions in person. I hope to see you there. The DRJ will also have a summary of the results on its site. For Forrester clients, the survey results will be examined in-depth in a series of reports in the next few quarters. If you think that this data is valuable to the industry and you are a BC decision maker or influencer at your organization, please take 20 minutes to complete the survey. All the results are anonymous. You don’t even need to submit your email address unless you’d like to receive a complimentary Forrester report, and we won’t use your email address for any other purpose.

Click here to take our survey: forr.drj.com