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Slouching Towards Ubiquity: Five Notable Fintech Companies

Peter Wannemacher February 23, 2024
While most of fintech is slouching towards ubiquity, these five notable fintechs stand out. Learn what makes them different than the rest in this blog post.

Prévisions 2024 : Les banques confrontées à une année ennuyeuse, mais dangereuse

Peter Wannemacher 7 Novembre 2023
L’année à venir risque d’être relativement calme pour le secteur bancaire, mais soyez vigilants. Voici quelques-unes des tendances clés à surveiller.

Predictions 2024: Banks Face A Boring, Yet Dangerous, Year Ahead

Peter Wannemacher November 1, 2023
The year ahead may be relatively uneventful for the banking industry — but don’t count it out. Here are a few of the key trends to look out for.

A Few North American Mobile Banking Apps Lead, But None Stand Out

Peter Wannemacher October 3, 2023
Mobile banking matters more than ever in the US and Canada. Online banking usage is trending down as mobile banking usage and engagement continue to rise. In mobile banking channels, customers demand a widening set of features and services — and these mobile experiences have a major impact on brand perceptions and preferences. So what […]

Small Business Remains A Big Opportunity For Banks

Peter Wannemacher September 28, 2023
Despite some of the market upheaval caused by inflation and other issues, SMBs remain a good opportunity for banks. Find out why.

Prioritize Digital Initiatives With Forrester’s New Tool

Peter Wannemacher March 27, 2023
Digital strategy is a continual process of developing and refining a company’s approach to a fast-shifting landscape, one that requires decisions about what to do and what to avoid. As noted corporate strategy expert Roger L. Martin put it, “Strategy is what you choose to do and not do in service of a particular goal.” […]

Does Your Digital Business Organization Have A “Tower Of Babel” Problem?

Peter Wannemacher March 9, 2023
Sure, it’s an old and often-used analogy, but that’s because it’s useful: When a group of people cannot effectively work together because they’re speaking different languages, they have a Tower of Babel problem. The digital landscape is constantly and rapidly shifting, so your team needs shared vocabulary to develop and execute strategy. Digital teams in […]

What You Can Learn From The Guy Who Built A New Kind Of Bike By Removing The Pedals

Peter Wannemacher February 14, 2023
You’d be forgiven for not noticing a fundamental change in the pedagogical methods for teaching kids to ride a bike: Training wheels are out; balance bikes are in. Actually, if you’re a parent of anyone under 15, you probably have noticed this shift. But within this shift lies a potent lesson in the power of […]

When It Comes To Customer Obsession, Financial Services Companies Are Thoroughly Mediocre

Peter Wannemacher January 18, 2023
Traditional financial services firms should focus on improvements before they fall woefully behind fintechs and other competitors that are aiming for their customers.

Three Features That Will Set Your Mobile Banking App Apart

Peter Wannemacher November 15, 2022
Forrester has been tracking emerging capabilities, products, services, and features that customers will expect and demand on banks’ apps in the next three years. Here are three mobile banking features from the second of two reports we’ve recently released: Carbon footprint tools and green financial products. Forrester found that 35% of US online adults would […]

How Exploration Drives Breakthrough Digital Business Strategies

Peter Wannemacher October 26, 2022
A confluence of factors makes digital business inherently fast-moving. Systems of exploration can help digital business strategies evolve and drive growth. Learn more.

US Banking Customers Will Soon Demand These Features. Does Your Mobile App Offer Them?

Peter Wannemacher July 25, 2022
Customers’ digital banking expectations have shifted. We look at three features that are now key in customers' minds.

Five Notable Fintech Attributes And Companies

Peter Wannemacher April 14, 2022
After a slump in 2021, fintech funding has rebounded. Learn what's making some of the key players particularly attractive.

Some Research Themes For Financial Services In 2022 (Plus A Survey You Can Take To Help)

Peter Wannemacher March 22, 2022
We’ve been diving deep into a number of topics that financial services executives and their teams care about (or should care about). Here are just five of the topics we find particularly interesting: Embedded finance. A crop of fintech startups and large financial providers are investing in embedded finance — in which financial products and […]

We Asked Bank Execs About Notifications; Here’s What They Said (Hint: Banks Undervalue Alerts)

Peter Wannemacher October 20, 2021
My colleague Julie Ask and I recently wrote on how banks are using mobile notifications and emerging tech (based on a survey of executives and digital business leaders at banking providers). The full research (only available to Forrester clients) includes more than 50 slides of data and insights. Here are three key findings: Alerts and […]

Fintech Funding, Q4 2020: The Worst Quarter In An Already-Down Year

Peter Wannemacher February 8, 2021
It’s official: 2020 was a sucky year for fintech funding. After rising rapidly from under $1 billion in 2010 to over $41 billion in 2019, fintech funding dropped appreciably in 2020. Overall investment in fintech was down 31% in 2020 compared to the previous year. And an already-bad year ended even worse: Q4 2020 saw […]
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Banking Leaders: Adjust Your Marketing And CX Budgets In The Wake Of COVID-19

Peter Wannemacher November 9, 2020
Banking Leaders: Make Spending Changes In Five Categories Post-COVID-19 The business effects of the COVID-19 pandemic will be with us for years. However, the consequences of the pandemic are not identical for all companies. Different industries, including banking, face disparate consumer trends, resource availability, and revenue potential during the pandemic and its aftermath. As a […]

Forrester Reviews And Scores Canadian Mobile Banking Apps: What We Learned

Peter Wannemacher August 12, 2020
For over a decade, Forrester has conducted an annual review of banks’ mobile apps. My colleague Gina Bhawalkar and I recently published our most recent research, in which we evaluated and scored the mobile banking experiences of more than a dozen banking brands’ apps across the US and Canada. In Canada, we looked at the […]

Forrester Reviews And Scores US Mobile Banking Apps: What We Learned

Peter Wannemacher August 12, 2020
For over a decade, Forrester has conducted an annual review of banks’ mobile apps. My colleague Gina Bhawalkar and I recently published our most recent research, in which we evaluated and scored the mobile banking experiences on more than a dozen banking brands’ apps across the US and Canada. In the US, we looked at […]

The Effect Of COVID-19 On Canadians’ Financial Well-Being

Peter Wannemacher May 18, 2020
Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, our research showed that Canadian consumers were facing multiple financial challenges and were worried about their financial situation. To see how the pandemic was impacting consumer finances and behaviors, we surveyed 1,119 Canadian online adults in April 10–15, 2020 and found that Canadians: Are already feeling the impact of COVID-19 […]
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