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Anticipating and planning for a new fiscal year can feel overwhelming. B2B marketing, sales, and product leaders need a clear roadmap that accounts for market shifts and helps them to capitalize on opportunities. Read our fact-based research and insights to develop role-based guidance that helps leaders achieve success.

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B2B Marketing Leader 2023 Planning Panel Discussion Q&A

Simon Daniels November 4, 2022
Having run out of time to answer all the questions received on the recent Forrester LinkedIn Live B2B Marketing Leaders 2023 Planning Panel Discussion, here's a quick recap of the session and some follow-up Q&A.

B2B Sales Leaders: Balance Strategic And Tactical Investments In 2023

Mike Pregler September 1, 2022
Experience from past economic slumps indicates that B2B sales leaders’ budget plans must balance essential strategic investments with “quick win” tactical investments.

B2C Marketing Executives: Focus Your 2023 Marketing Plans On High-Value, Customer-First Strategies

Tina Moffett August 25, 2022
Read a few of our key takeaways on where to invest, where to cut, and where to experiment to create a smart B2C marketing budget in 2023.

Digital Businesses: Make Strategic Investments In 2023 To Survive Economic Turbulence

Ian Jacobs August 23, 2022
To succeed with digital business in 2023, invest and innovate judiciously by doubling down on customers’ pressing needs.

How B2B Marketing Leaders Can Plan For An(other) Unpredictable Year

What It Means October 21, 2021
Once again, marketing leaders find themselves planning for a year that seems to defy planning. How does the calculus differ this time around? On this week’s What It Means, Vice Presidents Craig Moore and Ian Bruce discuss Forrester’s 2022 Planning Assumptions for B2B marketing executives and how they can position themselves and their teams for success.

2022 Planning Priorities For APAC Marketing Leaders

Join this live webinar with marketing experts from Forrester, Adobe, Salesforce, and SoftBank, where they will discuss the planning priorities in 2022 and how to drive business growth.

Moving From A Lead-Centric To A Buying-Group Focus Is Key To Demand And ABM Success

Laura Cross October 7, 2021
As demand and account-based marketing (ABM) leaders look to lay new foundations in 2022, a focus on buying groups and intuitive, highly contextualized experiences will be critical.

Transformation, Not Adaptation, Will Be Key For B2B Sales Leaders In 2022

What It Means October 7, 2021
To succeed in 2022 and beyond, B2B sales leaders need to transform and embrace the new digital normal. Vice Presidents Mike Pregler and Stephanie Sissler explain what that requires in this discussion of Forrester’s 2022 Planning Assumptions for sales executives.

In 2022, Insights-Driven Sales Organizations Will Win

Mike Pregler October 6, 2021
B2B sales leaders need to move away from conventional, comfortable approaches and embrace the realities of today's digital-first buying climate. Learn what the shift requires.

How B2B Marketing Executives Can Plan For Unpredictable Weather

Nick Buck October 6, 2021
Though the forecast for 2022 remains unsettled, B2B marketing leaders can take decisive steps to set themselves and their teams up for success.

Product Management Leaders Should Make 2022 The Year Of Customer Value

Lisa Singer October 5, 2021
There will be KPIs to achieve and roadmap goals to hit, but customer-centric approaches will be critical to product management leaders' success.

Sales Enablement Leaders Must Emphasize Role-Specific Enablement In 2022

Jennifer Bullock October 5, 2021
Buyers expect sellers to partner with them and not only demonstrate a deep understanding of their market, industry, and role — but also to anticipate their next steps. Sales enablement leaders need to ensure that reps have the content, credibility, competency, and confidence to deliver.

In 2022, Channel Marketers Must Prioritize Customer And Partner Value

Kathy Contreras October 4, 2021
A focus on enhancing partner experience and generating customer value are key to channel marketing success in the year ahead.

The Buyer’s Journey Is The Portfolio Marketer’s Key To Planning For 2022

Barbara Winters October 4, 2021
Understanding how today's buyers gather information and being ready to educate and engage with them, wherever they are, is more important than ever.

The Keys To Better Post-Sale Customer Relationships In 2022

Amy Bills October 1, 2021
Existing customers account for more than three-quarters of annual revenue for B2B organizations, Forrester data shows. Find insights to deepen customer relationships in our "B2B Customer Engagement: Planning Assumptions 2022" report.

Marketing Operations Wears Many Hats: Find The Best Fit For 2022

Cristina De Martini September 30, 2021
Where should you focus your efforts in 2022 to deliver the best possible customer experience and better organizational performance? Start with these five areas.

Five Perspective Shifts Sales And Revenue Operations Leaders Need To Make In 2022

Steve Silver September 30, 2021
As the B2B buying process becomes more complex, sales operations teams face escalating demands. Learn about the trends that will shape sales operations leaders' priorities in the year ahead.

Ist es endlich 2021? Fünf Dinge, die B2B CMOs jetzt als Vorbereitung auf 2021 angehen müssen

Jennifer Ross November 24, 2020
B2B marketing leaders should continue to expect the unexpected and embrace change as a constant. These five actions can help you build a path forward through the unknown.

Looking Ahead: What Channel Marketing Leaders Must Prepare For In 2021

Kathy Contreras November 23, 2020
Understanding partner and buyer needs is paramount during 2021 planning. The current market disruption will have an ongoing impact on the channel, and channel marketers must cultivate acceptance and empathy toward partners and their buyers during these challenging times.

A Look Ahead: What Sales Operations Leaders Must Prepare For In 2021

Steve Silver October 7, 2020
Change will be constant in the year ahead. Learn the steps that sales operations leaders can take to put their organizations on a path to success.
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