2020 was no doubt a crazy year. But despite all the disruption, APAC organizations actually delivered better customer experiences in 2020 than in 2019. In Australia, one bank and two superannuation firms saw statistically significant improvements in their Customer Experience Index (CX Index™) scores. In India, most experiences were good despite a sharp dip in consumer spending and sentiment. In Singapore, average scores in the banking and auto/home insurance industries rose by 3 points.

Sounds great? Breaking bad news: Most brand scores were within close range of each other. Many brands are still nowhere close to advancing from “meh” to good. And organizations struggled to differentiate through better customer experience, despite investments in digital and emerging technology.

Firms That Win At CX Work Hard To Establish Solid CX Foundations

To deliver CX improvements that outpace customer expectations and differentiate your brand, you need to take a methodical approach. Start by laying a solid foundation for your CX program. Determine what really matters to your customers, turn insights into action, prioritize the efforts with the biggest potential upside for customers and the business, and focus on team structure, collaboration mechanisms, and agile ways of working to keep the entire organization connected.

Successful CX leaders don’t just fill the potholes — they embed CX into their organization’s strategy, creating a connected thread between CX, marketing, tech, and customer service teams. And finally? Leaders operationalize CX by supporting and enhancing customer journeys with data and analytics.

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