As I’ve reported, the degree of tech-driven market disruption has never been a higher priority for every company, across every industry, than it is today. Thanks to rapidly evolving emerging technologies such as AI/ML, IoT, and blockchain, as well as the megacloud vendors who offer priced-per-hour access to tech innovation chains, everyone now has the ability to craft new market value solutions faster than ever before. And this isn’t simply happening in the startup world; the leading enterprise innovators are controlling their own futures by driving disruptive innovations themselves.

The Key To Success

Start with a customer-obsessed culture. This is where you probe into what your customers are ultimately trying to accomplish. Through the use of tech innovation chains, you can deliver new values that get them closer to these broad objectives. Want to help them accomplish future goals that they may not yet understand they will need? This is where moonshot innovations can position your company for far greater value 3–10 years out. 

Want some solid case studies about what kinds of innovations your peers are making? Want some real-world proof points about how you should be structuring your innovation programs? Want to understand the level of success leading enterprises are already achieving through their innovation efforts?

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