Since the start of COVID-19, 12 million people have been infected with this virus, leading to the loss of 0.5 million lives and untold economic damage. And as nations continue to reopen, we are seeing an acceleration in the spread of COVID-19. In the US, many businesses planned to reopen this summer, anticipating a peak and then declining infection rates in late May. While this has played out (so far) as anticipated in the US Northeast and Pacific Northwest, premature openings and a failure to embrace social distancing, masks, and other precautions have resulted in a surge of infections in the US South and Southwest, with many states in these regions now experiencing record daily infection rates. With the US pandemic response in disarray and mired in politics, US businesses and global businesses with US operations will need to chart their own cautious approach to returning to work. More importantly, they will need to have specific policies for how to quickly close again.

As businesses struggle to operate in this environment, we’ve moved beyond saying that every business is a software business; we’re now starting to say that every business really needs to see itself as a healthcare business. We are tracking the technologies and strategies being brought to this problem — from symptom checking to thermal-image fever screening to contact tracing — to help employers ensure that they create a return-to-work strategy that puts their employees’ health first and ensures that the essential employees currently in the workplace receive the best technology, the best strategies, and the most cutting-edge knowledge that we have on protecting the workforce during this pandemic.

To help in this challenging task, we’ve created a collection of research that will enable you to develop and execute a detailed return-to-work plan with the appropriate strategies, policies, and technologies to keep people safe, reduce risk, and keep the organization running. Read or watch the content below.

Strategy And Policy

Health And Safety Technology

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