Portfolio marketers have a broad role, from keeping up to date on market intelligence and developing go-to-market strategies and messages to launching offerings and training sellers. Generative AI (genAI) can help portfolio marketers with all of these activities, helping them get smart fast, automating time-consuming tasks, and increasing their productivity and creativity — ultimately increasing their impact on the business. Here are five ways that genAI brings superpowers to portfolio marketers:

Quickly become an expert in almost any market or category.

Are you tasked with finding out about a new market category or industry segment, perhaps for an upcoming launch or new product direction? You can use genAI to learn about market segments, categories, or topics and glean a wealth of information in short order. Use your favorite genAI tool to delve into market trends and drivers, technology impacts, industry changes, and customer needs. Keep refining your questions to get the specific answers and detail you need — and even ask about additional sources.

Summarize competitor strengths and weaknesses in seconds.

Everyone wants to understand how they compare to their competitors, both at a high level and in terms of specific products. You can use genAI to summarize the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors as well as those of your own company. You can also use it to conduct product comparisons by summarizing user reviews in seconds — a tremendous time-savings compared with manually reading through hundreds of reviews.

Keep up with customer needs with ease.

Many firms conduct interviews of target buyer personas to understand what their needs are and how they behave during the buying process, or they might conduct win/loss interviews to understand where and why they might be losing business. Aggregating findings across all these interviews — a laborious task if done manually — becomes simple with genAI and is an immensely valuable way to keep your finger on the pulse of customer needs. Use a private genAI tool to summarize interview transcripts, find responses to specific questions, identify common themes across interviews, and uncover issues or new buyer needs.

Repackage content in minutes, not days.

Demands on portfolio marketers to generate content — for the website, thought leadership, social media, events, campaigns, sales materials, and more — can be all-consuming. GenAI can help by allowing you to repackage core pieces of content into new assets of different format types, all while maintaining brand consistency and tone. (Be sure to review the content before distributing it — genAI is far from perfect.) The time saved and productivity gained will free you to work on other critical activities.

Become a creative messaging whiz.

Sometimes, bouncing ideas off of someone helps you gain clarity on what you want to develop for messaging or a new piece of content. Now, you can use genAI to be your ideation partner. Try different ideas for buyer messages, competitive positioning statements, campaign themes, or thought leadership content by asking your private genAI tool to redraft a starting concept in a different manner or for a different audience. You can ask it to provide several ideas and then combine the parts from each that you like best.

While genAI tools can’t solve all of portfolio marketers’ challenges, they can help portfolio marketers with some of their most difficult or time-consuming tasks. These tools can help you get smarter, save time, and be more productive and creative. Follow the AI guidelines of your organization, but be at the forefront in adopting these tools to help you shine.

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