Brands don’t have unlimited resources: When they offer content or services to consumers through digital experiences, they need to make smart decisions around what devices, platforms, channels, and interfaces to support. Forrester’s Moments Map helps brands understand consumer awareness, adoption, use, comfort, and ultimately preference for interfaces (e.g., GUI, text-based chat, voice, and extended reality [XR]). The Map tracks consumers’ psychological progression across these stages for these task types: consumption of media, communication with brands, transactions or commerce, and finally control of connected devices.

My colleague Cortney Eldridge and I led this research, using the same methodology for the Moments Map in 2022 as in 2021. We did make a few enhancements, specifically: 1) All of the data is from a single survey, which allows us to make special cuts for brands and 2) We filled in even more data points, especially around extended reality.

The core Forrester’s Moments Map, 2022 report has a full explanation of the model as well as the changes we made in 2022. You’ll also want to consult guidance on how to use the Moments Map and listen to the webinar playback — both of which we published in 2021.

Once again this year, we have data for 10 countries! Here they are:

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