Finding tech talent is increasingly hard. Now, with the acceleration wrought by generative AI tools as well as other emerging technologies, tech leaders must build long-term strategies to address the growing demands on the technology organization. While many tech leaders had hoped that last year’s wave of tech layoffs would lead to opportunities in the marketplace, they instead have seen the number of open tech roles continue to rise, and tech unemployment hovers around 2%. Many of those laid-off tech workers went straight back to tech industry jobs, preferring to take their chances with a startup or smaller tech company rather than join a non-tech company. Thus, tech execs must take short- and long-term action to address their tech talent gaps.

Generative AI Tools Give More Control Over Tech Talent Supply

The demand for tech is big and growing. There isn’t much you can do about that. But you can do something about tech talent supply. Technology leaders will be able to narrow capacity gaps using AI-driven technology, enabling tech execs to scale up innovation as they build capacity. Tech leaders are turning to the following generative AI tools and emerging technologies to take control of their technology supply challenges:

  • TuringBots support developers in designing, developing, testing, and deploying code. This results in faster development times and improved quality.
  • Low-code platforms turn everyone into a citizen engineer, embedding development capabilities across the business, both enabling the business to take on more accountability in developing solutions and freeing up highly skilled developers to focus on more complex challenges.
  • Automation makes us work smarter, as organizations use process mining to design human-centric, highly automated workflows to replace traditional processes. Highly skilled technology talent can spend less time on highly predictable work and more time focused on creating high-value customer experiences.

Build Emerging Technology Impact In Your Technology Talent Strategy Now

These emerging technologies will change how technology organizations deliver. As TuringBots develop higher- and higher-quality code, developers will spend more time editing, fine-tuning, and solving more complex challenges. Generative-AI-enabled virtual assistants will mean that project managers will spend more time managing stakeholder relationships and driving alignment to customer needs. These shifts in how work is done impact your organizational tech talent and skills profile. Leading organizations will look for individuals who are able to creatively apply emerging technology solutions and generative AI tools to deliver work and who are confident in both applying technology and effectively managing its risks. Skills such as organizational change management, problem-solving, and creative thinking all become even more valuable as we increasingly use technology to create outputs.

My latest report, Bend The Supply Curve With AI, delves deeply into how technology leaders can use AI to build an adaptive organization ready to shift with market demands and what technology leaders need to do to be ready for these changes. You can also schedule a time to speak with me about how these trends impact your organization through