Start 2022 with renewed marketing opportunity by assessing your data strategy and finding opportunities to round out your understanding of customers and prospects. Last year, we saw third-party cookie deprecation heat up, Apple enact its App Tracking Transparency framework, and growing consumer privacy awareness — for example, 84% of US online adults use at least one privacy- or security-protecting tool. This is just the start: Companies are already seeing impacts on their bottom line as data deprecation limits the amount of data available to marketers. 

Today, consumers still expect brand messaging to be personalized, timely, and delivered on the right platform without having to sacrifice their privacy. But marketers’ ability to meet consumers’ expectations is made all the more challenging with data deprecation. To deliver relevant messages and experiences, marketers need to maximize the value and insights they can derive from their first-party data.

Today, we’re sharing our report Now Tech: Consumer Data Marketing Services, Q1 2022, which profiles 16 companies that provide consumer data marketing services. These service providers can help marketers with data hygiene and enrichment, and many also offer advanced analytics and activation capabilities to turn insights into customer segments to shape marketing strategy and campaigns.

This report offers B2C marketers insight into the consumer data marketing landscape and will help your company develop a shortlist of partners. These service providers can help marketers with three aspects of modern marketing: 

  • Customer understanding. These companies can help marketers round out their understanding of customers and prospects through capabilities such as licensing data as a data broker or building zero-party data experiences.
  • Brand strategy. Data collection is wasted without a strategy for how that data will be used. Data marketing services help marketers maximize the value of the data they have, from zero- and first-party data to identifying second- and third-party data opportunities. 
  • Brand experience. With customer understanding and brand strategy serving as key inputs into brand experience, these service providers can translate customer insights into brand experiences that boost business and satisfy customers. 

Stay tuned for the Forrester Wave™ on customer data strategy and activation services coming later in 2022!